awstalk.net is simply a blog focusing on AWS cloud services, created as part of a project for learning by doing. The posts you’ll find here might not be best practices or up to date but simply in lab perspectives. Either stuff I try on the fly or something I found elsewhere.

The objective is to take AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification, then we’ll see what happens. I currently work with Azure so I got a pretty good idea about cloud technologies, but I just got a better feeling for AWS and that’s why I’m transitioning.

Feel free to follow.

Current AWS services in use

  • AWS Lightsail
    • This website runs on Lightsail right now, the plan is to migrate it to EC2 as a project
  • AWS S3
    • We use S3 for backups of personal photos, videos etc

That’s about it, but I have experience of VPC, Route53, CloudFront, Elastic Beanstalk, EC2 and some databases. I.e core services mostly. I’ll try to update this list when I do changes.

updated 10 aug 2023