The AWS Snow Family is a collection of purpose-built, ruggedized devices that enable secure and efficient data transfer to and from AWS services. These physical devices act as bridges between on-premises data centers, edge locations, and the AWS cloud, making it easier for organizations to handle large datasets, backups, and migrations, all while adhering to strict security and compliance standards.

AWS offers a variety of Snow devices, each tailored to specific use cases and data transfer needs and each with an awesome name attached to it:

aws snowcone

AWS Snowcone

  • Small and Rugged: Snowcone is the smallest member of the Snow Family, designed for use in harsh environments, remote locations, or for field data collection.
  • Lightweight: Weighing just over 4 pounds, it’s highly portable, making it an excellent choice for situations where mobility is essential.
  • Data Transfer: Snowcone can transfer data securely with the AWS cloud using a combination of Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB connections.
  • Data Processing: It also supports local data processing via edge computing capabilities.
aws snowball

AWS Snowball

  • High-Capacity Data Transfer: Snowball is a ruggedized data transfer device designed for organizations that need to move large volumes of data to and from AWS.
  • Storage: Snowball devices come in two versions – Snowball Edge and Snowball – and they can store up to 80TB or 100TB of data, respectively.
  • Fast Transfer: Snowball uses high-speed data transfer technologies to ensure swift and efficient data migration.
  • Integration: Snowball Edge devices support computing capabilities for data processing, such as running AWS Lambda functions and Amazon EC2 instances.

AWS Snowmobile

aws snowmobile
  • Extreme Scale: Snowmobile is a massive, containerized data transfer solution. It is a 45-foot long, ruggedized shipping container designed to handle exabyte-scale data transfers. Yep, it’s a datacenter on wheels.
  • Security: It employs robust encryption, security, and chain-of-custody measures to protect data during transit.
  • On-Site Operation: Snowmobile is brought directly to the customer’s location, where data transfer operations are performed.

Key Benefits of the AWS Snow Family

  1. High-Speed Data Transfer: AWS Snow Family devices leverage high-speed, direct connections to AWS, making them ideal for transferring large datasets quickly. This is crucial for organizations with limited internet bandwidth or time constraints.
  2. Edge Computing Capabilities: Snowball Edge and Snowcone devices support local data processing and edge computing, allowing organizations to perform analytics and other tasks at the edge before transferring data to the cloud.
  3. Security and Encryption: Data security is a top priority for AWS. All Snow Family devices employ robust encryption and security measures to protect data during transit.
  4. Offline Data Transfer: For organizations with strict data residency requirements, the Snow Family enables offline data transfer, ensuring that data remains within the customer’s control until it is physically transferred to the AWS cloud.
  5. Scalability: The range of Snow Family devices ensures that organizations can choose the solution that best fits their needs, from small, rugged devices like Snowcone to the massive capabilities of Snowmobile.

Use Cases of AWS Snow Family

The AWS Snow Family addresses a wide range of use cases, helping organizations overcome common data transfer and edge computing challenges:

  1. Edge Computing: Deploying Snowball Edge or Snowcone devices in remote locations allows for data processing and analytics at the edge, reducing latency and ensuring that critical tasks can continue even without internet connectivity.
  2. Data Migration: When migrating large datasets to the cloud, Snowball and Snowmobile devices simplify and accelerate the process, minimizing downtime and data transfer costs.
  3. Backup and Restore: Organizations can use Snowball Edge devices for secure and efficient backup and restore operations in locations where reliable internet connections are not available.
  4. Content Distribution: Snowball devices can be used for offline content distribution to remote locations, including for media, entertainment, and software updates.
  5. Data Collection and Analysis: Snowcone devices are valuable for field data collection, as they are lightweight, rugged, and offer edge computing capabilities for real-time data analysis.
AWS presents Snowmobile on Re:Invent 2016

Implementing the AWS Snow Family

The process of implementing the AWS Snow Family typically involves the following steps:

  1. Order and Setup: Organizations start by ordering the appropriate Snow Family device and configuring it with the necessary network settings.
  2. Data Transfer: Data is transferred to the Snow device using a variety of methods, such as USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi.
  3. Encryption and Security: The data is encrypted and secured during the transfer, and the Snow device tracks the chain of custody.
  4. Data Processing (Optional): Snowball Edge and Snowcone devices can process data locally, performing tasks like data transformation and analysis.
  5. Data Shipment: Once the data is ready, the Snow device is shipped to an AWS data center for data transfer to the cloud.
  6. Data Integration: After the data is transferred to the AWS cloud, it is integrated into the organization’s AWS environment for further processing and analysis.

Pricing Considerations

Pricing for the AWS Snow Family is based on several factors, including the specific device used, data transfer costs, and any additional services or features employed. AWS provides a pricing calculator to estimate costs accurately. It’s important to note that Snow Family devices are rented for a limited period, typically 10 days, after which they must be returned.

What more is there to say?

The AWS Snow Family is a game-changing solution for organizations dealing with large data transfer challenges, strict data residency requirements, or the need for edge computing capabilities. Whether it’s moving petabytes of data, performing edge analytics, or conducting field data collection, the Snow Family offers versatile, secure, and high-speed solutions. By bridging the gap between on-premises environments and the AWS cloud, the Snow Family is transforming the way organizations approach data transfer and edge computing, ultimately helping them harness the full power of their data.

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