There are loads and loads of ways to learn AWS. Everything from YouTube channels to Twitch to podcasts to video courses with labs to books to LinkedIn profiles posting shorts. We are all different and what I like to use might differ from what you prefer. In the end, always keep in mind that nothing can compensate for hands on experience. Even if you’re following a video course, practice everything in the AWS Console!

Video courses

Adrian Cantrill

Probably the best and most comprehensive course out there. The entire course is built around the organisation Animals4Life with locations around the world. Adrian explains the basics very well and as he moves on through the course, services are implemented to fill a purpose for Animals4Life. With this strategy, you’ll get actual hands on experience from a real world scenario, using many different services and get a good understanding on how they work together.

If I was to recommend one single course for learning AWS, it would be this one. He also have a Slack community for his students and other interested.

Stephane Maarek

Udemy is a platform where instructors can upload their own courses. Stephane Maarek is one of the most popular instructors on Udemy, with millions of students. When I started out with AWS, this was my first course. Maarek explains in a way which makes it pretty easy to follow. However, this course is not as deep as Cantrills. If you want the knowledge but dont go too deep, this would be a good course for you. Watch out for Udemys discounts aswell, you can get Maareks course for as little as $10.

AWS Skillbuilder

Official study material from AWS. You’ll find both paid and free courses here, including the game AWS Cloud Quest which is ment to teach you through gaming. Like AWS documentation, it can be pretty heavy to go through a complete learning plan. Either way, the free modules for example storage or networking is really good.

Cloud Academy

This is a good alternative if you like to do labs and watch shorter videos. When you do a lab here, you’re presented with a sandbox lab environment which is terminated when you finish the lab. No need to create your own account and spend your own money. You pay a monthly fee for this website and it’s pretty expensive compared to Maarek and Cantrill which is a one time payment.


Tech With Lucy

Lucy started out as an intern at AWS, and later on became a solutions architect associate for AWS in Australia. During this time, she created her YouTube channel which took off and quickly became popular with thousands of subscribers. She soon shocked her followers by announcing her departure from AWS to focus full time on her channel. Lucy shares her personal experiences from customer meetings, studying for certifications, technical interviews etc. This is not a technical channel like you would follow to learn, this is more to stay up to date and get an idea of how the life of a solutions architect actually is. Which is equally important to know before you even go into tech.

This is my architecture by AWS

This is a very interesting series by AWS. Basically they interview architects from different companies and let them explain how they utilize services from AWS in their environment. Companies like Pirelli, Viber, United Airlines, Pinterest, GoDaddy and many more all stops by to give their input.

AWS on Twitch

Ok not Youtube but anyway..AWS live streams where the panel discuss news, talk solutions, hot topics etc.


If you really, like really want to learn AWS and get a deep knowledge, Cantrills course is the one to do. There’s nothing wrong with choosing another one, but I really do think Cantrill does it best. Also, do not forget that AWS own documentation is pretty comprehensive and detailed, but still easy to read. Invest in yourself, knowledge does’nt come for free.

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